Social Justice: Prejudice/Discrimination/Oppression



Definition: Making a thought, feeling, or opinion with no history, questions, or factual knowledge of the person/minority group.

Examples: She’s a punk rocker, she must be a rebel! He’s wearing a nice suit, he must be gay! He drools, that makes him unable to function and think like a human.

Connection: The sentences above are all based on how a person perceives another for the first time. With no talking, no questions, no knowledge about the person. The person that would be saying those sentences would just assume a whole person from how the person looked, and nothing more.




Definition: Making a distinction of one’s race, class, sex, or preferences.

Examples: Of course, you are good at basketball because you are a black boy. No wonder, you suck at dancing because you are an Asian. You can’t run as United States of America president because you are a woman. You can’t play football because you have one leg. You can’t work as a manager because you are deaf.

Connection: The sentences above are used commonly everyday and through Internet. Discrimination is widely used to differentiate a single person coming from a minority group’s abilities and/or skills through their skin color, gender, disabilities, and anything that isn’t an able bodied white male.




Definition: Using systematic power in an unfair and inhumane manner to marginalize minor groups.

Examples: Audism, the act of a person being able to hear committing oppression on a person who is not able to hear. An online movie rental company provides movies for everyone but it comes with no caption. Racism, the act of a white person committing oppression against any non-whites based on that they’re sub-human. A company hires only white males to continue their white male workers tradition.

Connection: Isms occurs only when the majority group commits an oppression action to a minority group. A person of a minority cannot commit oppression on a person of a majority because they don’t have much privileges and power as a person of a majority. The Deaf and the non-whites are great examples of minority groups. They cannot oppress other groups because they both have a long history of oppression.


By , Connor Crichten, Billy Millios, & Logan Waldo



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